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Workshop choice #1 - 10.30-11.45am



Robbin is a Certified Parent Coach, author and speaker.  She works with parents from all over the world to help them build more connection and add more joy and cooperation to their parenting.

Robbin is a former ‘Angry Mom’ and has a PhD from the School of Strong-Willed Boys.  Her boys are 13 and 10 years old.

For over 12 years Robbin juggled a full-time corporate career while being a mom and wife, prior to becoming a Parenting Coach.  In her corporate career, Robbin has a background in marketing and public relations, training, and event planning. She understands firsthand how many moms struggle to balance work and family.

It’s because of her struggles as a parent that she found the world of peaceful parenting and has dedicated her life to teaching parents how to build a strong family, so their kids thrive.  

Robbin’s work focuses on building and strengthening the parent child relationship so that children grow up with resilience, confidence and strong emotional intelligence.  She works with parents to help them understand their own emotions and frustrations in parenting, so they can help build their children’s sense of self without losing themselves in the process!

In October of 2018 Robbin released her first book, “The Yelling Cure – How to feel less stressed and get your kids to cooperate without threats & punishments.” Her book is being read by parents in North America, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Robbin spends her time working with her clients, speaking at events and being with her kids and husband; and you can usually find her at a hockey rink cheering her boys on.  Most importantly, Robbin has changed the way she parents and connects with her two boys and is dedicated to helping her clients find the same joy, connection and cooperation in their families.


Join me for this workshop where you will learn how to lead this generation of kids through a more peaceful but effective approach.  I’ll discuss Peaceful Parenting, what it is, why it’s different, and how it will get you more cooperation.    You will learn how to disconnect your kids from their devices/technology peacefully and get them to listen to you when you make a request (the first time!).   I will show you how to navigate the complicated world of technology, screens and social media.  I will share advice on how to raise kids in this digital  world and what warning signs to look for.  Communication is an essential component to every household so lastly, I’ll show you how to have an empowered conversation with parents on any issue that leads to solutions, not conflict (especially if kids are going behind their backs) 

Participants will be given a booklet of resource materials based on the workshop information. 

Founder of Parenting
for Connection,
Certified Parent Coach,
Speaker & Author


Volunteer Manager & Director 
of Rainbows Canada


Isabel VanGrootheest is a Volunteer manager and a Director for Rainbows Canada. Rainbows is a peer support group program for children who have dealt with a significant loss in their family.

23 years ago Isabel started as a volunteer facilitator and coordinator for the program in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island and was amazed at the changes in the children who participated. She became a director for this program as she wanted to make sure the community would be able to continue to support their grieving kids and their families. Nanaimo has grown into 2 community programs and many elementary schools and high schools in School District 68 are offering the program to their students through their Child and Youth Care workers and school counselors. Isabel sets up each program and provides the required workshop for everyone who facilitates and coordinates the program. On the island she has seen many kids, ages 4 and up who benefit from growing and learning with other kids their age. After all these years she still gets excited to see so many people involved as they care for these young ones. When able, a program can be offered to their parents, this works well for everyone’s healing process. Families continue to ask for Rainbows, and there are about 7 other communities on the Island offering the program. In total 200-290 participants a year, it can vary a bit. During the Rainbows workshop we learn about grief and loss in children and how to use the Rainbows system. We learn how this program can provide such an important support to families who are concerned about their kids. Isabel is very passionate about watching kids get what they need to feel better about their changed circumstances. There is much hope for families when kids learn to deal with difficult changes in a healthy way. Looking forward to meet everyone in Vancouver.



 Grief & Kids

Overview of kids dealing with grief  

Peer support – how does it help kids

Sunbeams – for age 2-5

How to deal with grieving children

Share evaluations and responses from kids and parents

Any questions welcome:)

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Workshop choice #2 - 12pm-1.15pm



Founder of Family Continuum

Craniosacral Therapist, Prenatal Educator/Counselor and Workshop Teacher 


Bonnie Davis is a registered biodynamic craniosacral therapist, registered therapeutic counsellor, and passionate speaker and educator.

She has been supporting families, adults and children in various capacities for the past 14 years. She is passionate about supporting people to live the full potential of who they are, and offers one on one counselling for families, children, couples, and individuals. 

Bonnie also offers specialized classes for parent/baby/toddler, educational workshops for parents, educators and professionals on the importance of secure attachment, how we can best support parents, childcare workers and caregivers to understand the importance of the early years, developmental trauma, and toddler development.



Come learn how to understand your toddler's behaviour and help them with overwhelming emotions. Join us as we discover the new science of how our toddler's brains are wired up, and how they mature. This talk will cover effective strategies on how to approach difficult situations such as tantrums using a whole brain approach, so you can enjoy the toddler years and have a calm, happy child.

Getting to “YES”: Tried and
True Strategies for Getting
Cooperation from Children.

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Sherry Frohlick Headshot.jpg



Registered Psychologist


Dr. Sherri Frohlick is a Registered Psychologist who specializes in the assessment and treatment of children, youth and families. Sherri earned her Ph.D from Simon Fraser University with an emphasis on child clinical-developmental psychology where she studied the influence of parenting perspectives and parent-child relationships on the development of children’s social thinking. She has worked and interned in private practice, community mental health and hospital settings. Sherri has a passion for working with young children, parents and families as well as providing psycho-educational and comprehensive mental health assessments for children and youth.



Getting cooperation for children without power struggles is one of the toughest aspects of caring for children. In this workshop participants will learn (1) some common reasons why children often do not want to cooperate, (2) why our usual ways of responding often do not work, and (3) learn new strategies that can get around opposition and keep your relationship strong. 


The following practical and effective tools to getting to "YES" will be discussed: shifting beliefs and expectations, developing routines and structures, using your relationship/attachment, playfulness, and specific communication practices that are more likely to avoid power struggles. Emphasis will be placed applying these tools to examples currently presenting challenges to participants. Participants will leave this workshop feeling more confident about getting ahead, and responding to, common power struggles with the children in their care. 


Workshop choice #3 - 2.45pm-4pm


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As an energetic facilitator and speaker, Jeff has spent over 25 years working with a variety of organizations using supportive, innovative and experiential techniques and approaches to improve team collaboration and stronger connections between intention and outcomes. His passion is derived from his breadth of understanding of experiential education, his various senior roles within the outdoor recreation industry, successful entrepreneurial endeavours and a committed community advocate.  



Many of our beloved fictional children’s characters, from Peter Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh and Anne of Green Gables, shape the imagination of young – and old readers alike - through their adventures in nature, their simplicity and friendship.  Many of the stories creatively display social-emotional learning opportunities in a simple and relatable way. What would happen if we could bring our learners into the story and utilizes our outside places to teach? Could the 100 acre Woods that intrigued Christopher Robin or Mr. McGregor's vegetable garden be recreated in another setting?

Place based learning mixed with story telling supports children’s creativity and the natural places that surround them. The story of place and the characters that come from these settings is how place based education works magic with young learners.

Let’s take nature education and connect it to all aspects of place, like local history, environment, and love for the natural world. Every place can have a story - in the city, the schoolyard, the forest or your backyard!  This workshop will introduce the fundamentals of place-based education with emphasis on lessons of environmental responsibility and imaginative play. Walk away with simple and low cost ideas of how you can use place(s) and stories as tools for learning that are engaging and relevant.



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Krysta Longridge Photo.jpg


Occupational Therapist


Krysta, a Simon Fraser University alumna, received her Master’s degree in occupational therapy at Dalhousie University and has since returned home to practice in British Columbia. Krysta has a kind demeanour and enthusiasm that resonates with children and parents. She forms strong bonds with children with ease and uses a play-based, family-centred approach. She has experience working in pediatric outreach at a hospital as well as with early intervention for children with disabilities in India. Being from BC, she has a strong connection with nature and loves spending her spare time in the outdoors either biking, hiking, snowboarding or simply soaking up the sights.


All children are uniquely special with their own set of abilities and challenges. Sometimes children have unwanted behaviours or difficulties with certain activities that parents and caretakers cannot understand why. Evidence suggests that often the reason behind a child’s actions actually lies with how he/she processes sensory information and some children who are experiencing difficulties could have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). Maybe you have heard of Sensory Processing Disorder, but you are unclear what sensory processing really means. You might be wondering, what are common challenges for children with SPD and what are some strategies to help children with sensory processing issues thrive? These questions and more will be answered in Kids Shine Development Center’s interactive workshop “Understanding Sensory Processing Disorder”.



Workshop choice #4 - 10am - 11.15am


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Owner & President Tax4Nanny


Gila is the proud owner and President of Tax4Nanny Ltd.  Tax4Nanny works with families (employers) across Canada that hire nannies. Tax4Nanny provides its clients with comprehensive tax calculations and reporting, as well as assurance that all registration requirements are fulfilled. A choice of a one step solution for all your tax needs or individual services are available. Included in all annual services are timely personalized updates from a chartered professional accountant to keep you informed of any changes to tax laws, deadlines or employment premiums. Tax4Nanny’s services are available to clients throughout Canada.


Gila graduated from The Rotman School of Business at The University of Toronto and began her career at Deloitte & Touche LLP. She then held a series of different positions at The Bank of Nova Scotia. In 2008, Tax4Nanny was founded after numerous requests by friends and family to draw upon Gila’s experience as a Chartered Professional Accountant. Gila was often asked nanny tax questions. She was also asked to help with remittances and with the preparation of tax forms for their caregivers.


Gila was a founding member and past treasurer of the registered charity Nanny Angel Network. Nanny Angel Network is committed to providing compassionate relief childcare at no cost to mothers diagnosed with cancer.


Gila is a proud mother of two amazing children who keep her very busy. To let out steam she enjoys flying trapeze, running and snowshoeing.



This course will cover the following topics:

*will depend on attendees as to which provinces are covered outside of BC, can cover Alberta, Manitoba etc if needed

  • Employment Standards by Province* - Minimum wage, overtime, vacation, sick days, statutory holidays, breaks (paid/unpaid)

  • Understanding your Paystub

  • Taxable and Non Taxable Benefits

  • Terminating Employment - Employee (providing notice) and Employer Obligations (Pay in lieu of notice vs Notice,  ROE’s)

  • Full Time to Part Time Status (Nanny)

  • Temporary Foreign Work Program (rules etc if needed and time)

  • Happy to ask attendees if they have other topics they want added to this list???



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Dr Anita.jpg

B.Sc., M.Sc., D.M.D.,
Pediatric Dentist


Dr. Anita Gartner is a Certified Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry and has been dedicated to continually improve the standard of care delivered to her patients. She serves on committees through the BC Dental Association, College of Dental Surgeons of BC, study clubs (BC and Washington) and volunteers in the community.  She was recently granted membership in the American College of Dentists. Her interests are not limited to dental technologies, such as lasers but also include child development, empowering children and how to reduce a child’s pain and anxiety. 

In addition to seeing young children and teenagers, Dr. Gartner is passionate about treating persons with disabilities.  Her sister was born with a congenital disease and her mother developed an autoimmune disease – both are in wheelchairs. She is a mother of two daughters.  In her free time, she enjoys horseback riding, gardening, walking with her dog and reading.


“Aren’t they just baby teeth?”


Many people think because baby teeth fall out they are not important.  However, there is a strong link between oral health and overall health.  Our program is designed to give you helpful tips in providing oral care for your clients.   You will receive interesting dental facts and practical applications for the day to day care you provide.  

  1. Why baby teeth are important and their role in development.

  2. How and why cavities are formed – everyone’s risk is not the same!

  3. Accidents happen – how to manage common mouth injuries.

  4. Helpful tips for infant and toddler health care.

  5. Examples of typical dental concerns – when are they emergencies, urgent or just normal.


Workshop choice #5 - 11.25am-12.40pm


This workshop is where all attendees are encouraged to share ideas, opinions and advice. Let's inspire, encourage, and empower each other; and connect as an overall community.

We have 2 special guests joining us for this workshop:
Jennifer Beatty (Co-founder and Former Organizer)


Angela Johnson from Ask The Nanny. 


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*Please note that workshops may be subject to change. Thank you for your understanding.*


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