Nanny Jamboree believes that providing nannies with professional development will greatly improve the quality of childcare within the industry.

Would you like to support your local nanny community?

Why sponsor Nanny Jamboree:

  • Cost effective access to professional nannies 

  • Promotion during the conference

  • Cross promotion on Vancouver Nanny Network and Nannies Across Canada

  • Attend the conference for FREE and network with industry professionals

  • Career development opportunities by attending workshops

Our Nannies:

  • Passionate about providing quality child care

  • Dedicated to upholding industry standards

  • Enthusiastic about professional development

  • Value community and local businesses

  • Influence their family's purchasing decisions

Send us an email and we will be happy to discuss a suitable sponsorship package. 

Interested in partnering with us? Let us know!


We believe in professional development and setting industry standards. We feel that many other industries have this practice built into the job role, with this often being paid for by the employer. As nannies, this is typically a cost expected to be covered by the nanny. By sponsoring us you help us to educate nannies and help to provide the best development for the young minds of our children. We believe that quality childcare is important, and that the industry should be valued for its role within the community. 


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