Nanny Jamboree was founded in October 2015 by Adele Perry and Jennifer Beatty when they identified a need for further education within the industry. An annual two day event was created where nannies can come together, empower each other and learn new skills, which can be used immediately in their childcare role. The first event was held in April 2016 and continues to grow year on year and be a success. Nanny Jamboree loves to enrich nannies, families and the community.

We have been very fortunate to have help from local nannies (Heidi & Maysen), as well as lots of community support on our journey. 

"It's stunning to me what kind of an impact even one person can have if they have the right passion, perspective and are able to align the interest of a great team."

-Steve Case-

Jennifer & Adele at  Nanny Jamboree 2017


Maysen, Adele, Heidi & Jennifer at Nanny Jamboree 2017 with starbucks in hand


  • To provide accessible and affordable EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT to nannies.

  • To EMPOWER all nannies to fulfill their potential and feel proud of their career.

  • To ADVOCATE for nannie’s professional development, employment rights and support networks.

  • To give back to the COMMUNITY, both the nanny community and local community as a whole.

  • To create FRIENDSHIPS and encourage SUPPORT NETWORKS within the nanny industry.

  • To Provide a SAFE and SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT for nannies to share their experiences openly.


Jennifer Beatty

Creative Director

Hi I’m Jennifer and I have been working with children for 25 + years. After doing my ECE I spent 10 years in the interior of BC as a nanny to many wonderful children and a craft coordinator at a local camp. After my 6 year nanny  job came to an end I moved to Sydney, Australia in 2002 and spent several years as an art and music teacher and child care coordinator for an amazing company there. However I missed my family and everything Canada had to offer and so I returned to Vancouver and the nanny life. In 2015 i entered the twin realm with my first ever infant twins. I spent 3 years with them and loved every minute of it. I  am currently the nanny of 2.8 year old twin boys and have been with them since they were 15 months. All jobs have their challenges and even a seasoned nanny like myself finds some days more difficult than the others. 

         In 2015 I was told about the Vancouver Nanny Network and quickly joined as I was eager to meet more people who shared my line of work in the Vancouver area...I was not disappointed. I made fast friends and met some truly amazing women. When the prospect of a nanny get together came up I jumped at the chance to be part of it. Education has always been a key part of my success as a nanny, and I firmly believe we never stop learning. This is what Nanny Jamboree represents for me, a chance to better ourselves in our chosen profession.


          I took Nanny Jamboree 2019 off and attended instead.It was a great experience and i very much enjoyed myself. Now it is Adeles turn to take some much needed time off to focus on her health and self care. That said I am ecstatic to be the organizer for Nanny Jamboree 2020 and I am looking forward to what this year holds. 

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